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CERTECH offers a 20 yr warranty on permanent CAT5e and CAT6 cabling solutions. This warranty is backed by a distributor and manufacturer's guarantee.


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Network & Data Tools
Image Code Description
no image 100054C PLATINUM TOOLS EZ-RJPRO Crimp Tool. Easy install crimp tool for EZ-RJ45 Cat5e & Cat6 plugs. Built in
no image 12516C PLATINUM TOOLS Tele-Titan Xg 2.0 Cat6A Crimp Tool. Crimp tool for Cat6A/10G shielded plugs 106193 &
CT-224EB HANLONG Ergonomic 110 Punch Down Tool.
CT-6C8C HANLONG 6/8 Positon Metal Crimping Tool RJ11 / RJ12 / RJ45
CT-RAPT180 DYNAMIX Rapid Termination Tool For 180 degree Keystone Jacks
CT-6CBT6 HANLONG 6 Position Metal Crimping Tool RJ11 / RJ12 & BT4 / BT6
CT-8C HANLONG 8 Position Metal Crimping Tool RJ45
CT-PDT DYNAMIX Punch Down Tool w/Scissors Metal, Krone Style
CT-PDT110 HANLONG 110 Punch Down Tool Metal
CT-110B HANLONG 110 Punch Down Tool Blade
CT-PDT110BG 110 Punch Down Tool - Metal (Blue/grey tool)
CT-PDT110KR HANLONG 110 / Krone Punch Down Tool Metal
CT-344KR HANLONG Krone & 110 Punch Down Tool Professional Series
CT-STR UTP5 HANLONG Economic UTP/STP Cable Stripper & 110 Insertion Tool. Stripper for cable 5 - 6.2mm.
CT-P010 HANLONG RJ-45 8 Position Modular Crimping Tool - Professional Series
CT-P020 HANLONG RJ-45/ RJ12/RJ11 Modular Crimping Tool - Professional Series Supplied with free Stripping Tool
CT-P031 HANLONG RJ-45/ RJ12/RJ11/DEC Modular Crimping Tool Professional Series Includes
CT-S501B HANLONG UTP/STP Cable Cutter & Stripper Thumb Screw for Adjusting Blades
CT-105 HANLONG Telecom Splice Crimp Tool UR, UY, UG connectors.
Fibre Tools
Image Code Description
CT-FCS HANLONG Scissors for Cutting Fibre Kevlar
CT-FOCT Fibre Optic Ratchet Crimping Tool Suitable for Hex Crimps sizes .042", .068", .078", .128", .151",
CT-STR FIB HANLONG 2mm Fibre Optic Stripping Tool
Tool Kits
Image Code Description
no image 90170 PLATINUM TOOLS 10G Termination Kit. Kit includes: Tele-Titan crimp tool for Cat6A plugs. 100pc Cat6A plugs.
TC-145 SPROTEK 145 Piece Computer Tool Kit
TC-33 SPROTEK 33 Piece PC Repair Kit
TC-56 SPROTEK 56 Piece Computer Tool Kit
TC-ELE11 SPROTEK 11 Piece Screwdriver & Plier Set.1000V Insulated.
TC-NWK10 SPROTEK 10 Piece Network Installation Tool Kit
TC-STD6306 SPROTEK 26 Piece Ratchet Handle & Screwdriver Set
Image Code Description
CT-TONE05 SPROTEK Net Toner & Probe Kit Includes Alligator Clips, RJ45 Jack RJ12 Plug. Test Datacoms, telecom
STM-860 SPROTEK HDMI with Ethernet Cable Continuity Tester. Includes both Standard HDMI and HDMI Mini
no image T129K1 PLATINUM TOOLS VDV MapMaster 2.0 Test Kit. Kit includes: MapMaster main unit with remote unit. RJ45
no image TFT100 PLATINUM TOOLS Fault Trapper. Arc fault circuit tester and fault locator. In-line monitoring of
no image TNP700 PLATINUM TOOLS Net Prowler Cabling & Network Tester. Supports IPv4/v6. Verify DHCP & DNS connectivity. TCP
no image TNP850K1 PLATINUM TOOLS Net Prowler PRO Test Kit. Kit includes: Net Prowler main unit. Network/Tel ID remote set.
no image TP150 PLATINUM TOOLS Tone & Probe Set. Pushbutton tone activation. Tapered tip. Thumb wheel volume adjust.
no image TP500C PLATINUM TOOLS LANSeeker Cable Tester & Tone Generator. Identify shorts, opens, miswires, reversed
TS-19 DYNAMIX Buttinski Cable Set. Includes 1x Double Socket Extension 1x1M RJ to RJ Lead, 0.3M RJ to RJ
TS-9000 DYNAMIX Buttinski Test Phone Supports Tone (DTMF) Dialling, Pulse (decadic) Dialling, Last
LT-RJ3 RJ-11/RJ-45 Link Tester for UTP, STP and Modular cable types
LT-RJ4 UTP RJ45 LAN Link Tester for RJ45 (568A & 568B) and USOC cable
CT-TONE04 Tone Generator and Probe. RJ12 and alligator clip connectors. Includes batteries.
Coaxial Tools
Image Code Description
CT-322 HANLONG 3 blade Coaxial Cable Stripper. RG 58,59,6 connectors.
CT-323 HANLONG 2 blade Coaxial Cable Stripper RG 59,6,7,11 connectors
CT-332 HANLONG Coaxial Stripper 2 Blades RG-58/59/62/6
CT-507 HANLONG 9" Conic Crimping Tool for "F" type connectors
CT-BNC HANLONG Crimping Tool for RG-58 / RG-59 / RG-6
CT-CC02 HANLONG Heavy Duty RG Cable Cutter for up to 32mm diameter
CT-CC03 HANLONG Heavy Duty RG Cable Cutter for up to 53mm diameter
CT-H116H HANLONG Crimp Tool F-59, 62 6 connectors Professional Tool with Ratchet
CT-H510B HANLONG Compression Crimp Tool F,BNC,RCA connectors
CT-H518 HANLONG Crimp Tool for RG59,RG6 F, BNC and RCA
CT-H548 HANLONG Compression Crimp Tool for RG59, RG6 F,BNC,RCA and RG11 F
Tech Table
Image Code Description
TIA-TC-001 TECHTABLE Collapsible Chair.
TIA-TT-002 TECHTABLE Kit. Includes, Techtable with Tool Tray, Large Fibre Tray, Fobot attachment brackets, Cat5e/6

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