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CERTECH offers a 20 yr warranty on permanent CAT5e and CAT6 cabling solutions. This warranty is backed by a distributor and manufacturer's guarantee.


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no image 12516C PLATINUM TOOLS Tele-Titan Xg 2.0 Cat6A Crimp Tool. Crimp tool for Cat6A/10G shielded plugs 106193 &
no image 90170 PLATINUM TOOLS 10G Termination Kit. Kit includes: Tele-Titan crimp tool for Cat6A plugs. 100pc Cat6A plugs.
FRM220-10-100 CTC UNION Fast Ethernet to 100BaseFX multimode fibre media converter card
FRM220-AC CTC UNION 90-240V AC switching power supply for FRM220 chassis
FRM220-CH01AC CTC UNION Single slot fibre chassis with embedded AC power 90-240V
FRM220-CH20 CTC UNION 20 slot fibre chassis with dual power and network management options, rack 19"
no image T129K1 PLATINUM TOOLS VDV MapMaster 2.0 Test Kit. Kit includes: MapMaster main unit with remote unit. RJ45
TEMPLATE *Template for New Products**
no image TFT100 PLATINUM TOOLS Fault Trapper. Arc fault circuit tester and fault locator. In-line monitoring of
TIA-TC-001 TECHTABLE Collapsible Chair.
TIA-TT-002 TECHTABLE Kit. Includes, Techtable with Tool Tray, Large Fibre Tray, Fobot attachment brackets, Cat5e/6

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